A. 我喜欢看喜剧英语翻译

I like watching comedy,it can make people feel happy.I'm a kind of quiet person,and I don't know how to get along well with people,but I hope that I can get on well with classmates in the new class.

B. 我喜欢看喜剧!用英语怎么说

I like watching comedies.

C. 我喜欢看电影,喜剧电影是我最喜欢的 用英语怎么说

通俗点是 i like seeing movies,the comedy movies are my favorite.
洋气一点是 I am big on movies,especially the comdies.

D. 我喜欢看喜剧电影和一些纪录片 用英语怎么说

英文:I love watching comedy movies and documentaries。

E. 我喜欢的电影种类是喜剧。英语怎么说

英:I like kinds of movies is a comedy=我喜欢的电影种类是喜剧

F. (我为什么喜欢看喜剧)翻译成英文

可以用to infinitive
也可以用ing Gerund
就是Why do I like watching comedy

G. 我最喜欢的节目是情景喜剧用英语怎么说

My favorite show is sitcom

H. 我喜欢喜剧,他也是的英语翻译

I like comedy. So does he.

I. 我喜欢经典的故事片和喜剧片 用英语怎么说

I like the classics and comedies.

J. (我为什么喜欢看喜剧片)翻译成英文

Why do I like watching comedies?